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Is anyone proud of the way some Americans are behaving right now?  Does this reflect who we are as a people, as a nation, as a country?  Supposedly the 'greatest nation in the world', are these disgusting expressions of racism and childish displays of name-calling and tantrum-throwing really indicative of the politicians we elect to represent us?  I think some of these people have forgotten that their role isn't to flog their out-dated agenda to death in the media - or to embarrass themselves (and this country) with behavior that spoiled children who don't get their own way indulge in.

What are we really concerned about?  The sex scandals?  Who really cares who slept with whom and who knew?  There are children who need food and education and opportunity.  There are people who need medical care, who have no health insurance.  There are people who need jobs to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads.  There are senior citizens who need to be able to take care of themselves while they are able.  There are real problems out there.  Why aren't we focusing on that?

Sometimes I think that people in this country have become brainwashed by the stupid reality tv so many are addicted to.  Life ain't TV people!  You can't plan everything or have contingency plans for every single thing that happens.  Sometimes disaster hits - natural or otherwise.  Sometimes people get killed.  Sometimes there are no answers, and sometimes there is no one to throw under the bus.  Instead of all this hype about blame and entitlement and complaining and anger - wouldn't it be better to use that energy to SOLVE the problem and get the work done or get past the incident and learn from it?  Merely sitting around and expecting that everything must somehow magically 'work out' is a sure formula for a lot of disappointment and finger-pointing.  It's unrealistic, immature, and just plain stupid.

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Posted on 06:42AM on Nov 17th, 2012
i have ask my self many times in the past few years if my wife would be proud of whatthe country she loved and gave her life for was worth it and i come to the same answer we should have gone to canasa and not in the service
Posted on 10:31PM on Nov 17th, 2012
So sad but true... thanks for sharing.
Posted on 11:14PM on Nov 18th, 2012
Yes, I am very proud to be an American. It's quite easy to find fault and be critical of all that's happening now, and the way the media insults us each day with their "news." But, never forget all the great things America has given the world in the last 100 years. The USA is a remarkable country. Its a great human experiment. Ok, so now, American is going through a rough patch in its development. Once again, We The People, are in the wilderness trying to find our way to the promise land that our forefathers left us. Never give up hope. Never give in to fear. No retreat, no surrender. The USA will overcome it's current malaise. But it will take real leadership, sacrifice, and a coming together like never before.
Posted on 01:15PM on Nov 19th, 2012
I agree with your comments, but that wasn't my question. My point was that some of the behavior that we see these days is NOT something to be proud of. Regarding your thoughts on the future, I would add tolerance and kindness.
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