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Can you believe the hatefuless you are hearing from some people?  This doesn't represent who we are as a nation - this certainly doesn't represent the people I know.  Is it up to the rest of us to speak out against these people, or enable them with our silence?

As a youngster I was taught that sometimes we win, but sometimes we lose.  I was taught that grace in losing was just as important as grace in winning.  But this isn't about 'winning or losing' - the results of this election set a path for where we are going to go from here...  and if it works, we ALL 'win'.  And if we allow the few who behave so badly to paint us all in that hateful light, we are divided and then we ALL lose. 

We can't all agree on everything.  I get that.  And we can have some pretty heated and passionate debates on what we like or dislike; but after that, we go on to live together and work together with dignity and respect.  Is there dignity or respect in the actions of those vengeful CEOs who have started to lay people off out of spitebecause their side didn't win?  Is there dignity or respect from those companies who will not even attempt to provide health care for their employees, but who would rather hire more temps so they won't have to? 

What does that tell us about these very same rich-bitches who may have the wealth, who want to keep it that way, and who want to keep the rest of us so desperate for income that we feel forced to allow ourselves to be treated so unjustly?  This isn't about 'socialism' people - this is about the American dream: work hard, get ahead.  Slavery is behind us.  Simply doing what big massa says because he feeds and clothes you, and not being able to think otherwise and control your own future is behind us - or should have been behind us.  And now I wonder, has this way of thinking simply been running under the surface all this time?  And now that the beast has been unearthed, can it go back to where it came from, or will it grow with the light of day and spread to choke us all?  Will we be able to find the courage and the fortitude and the sense of justice to fight it like the disease it is, before it becomes an epidemic and consumes us and generations to come?

That blithering idiot with the bad hair called for revolution.  Maybe the revolution that needs to happen is against their way of thinking.  Perhaps the revolution that needs to happen is for decent, fair-thinking people to take this country back from the hate-mongers and the small-minded bigots.  I would certainly rather live in an America where our values are built on respect and tolerance and love of country, and not on how big your bank account is, or how much you can gouge out of the economy while people can't even put food on their tables.  Greed did that - and some politicians only fueled that greed for the good of a very few.

It hurts my heart to see the nastiness of some people.  I am amazed at the depth of their hate and their prejudice.  And while I try to live what I believe in the way I treat others with respect and dignity - sometimes I just have to vent...

God help us all.

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