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I don't make conversation about politics any more, and I never ask who a person is supporting.  It seems that the freedom to have your own opinion and voice it, and stand up for it, isn't such a freedom after all.  Like so many times before, the unfortunate behavior of a few in our society presents a side of people - some of them people I thought I knew, that is shameful and disgusting.  But once revealed, is impossible to take back - and now that I have seen that side of them, like that Facebook option, I want to 'unfriend' them and stay as far away from them as possible. 

Where are decent, fair-minded people any more?  The ones who don't share your views and opinions, but who still manage to treat you with respect and dignity?  The ones who shrug and say -"well, we can't all think the same way, so you do your thing, and I will do mine..."  Just where are those freedoms we all talk about, when you can't express your opinions or choices because of abuse or damage or defacing of your property?  Is that the kind of freedom we have now?

If we could have rational discussions and conversations without the name-calling and racial slurs - if we could just practice the values and beliefs that the foundation of this country was built on, maybe we could truly be a great nation once again instead of being one big divide.  Maybe we could just all be Americans again.

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